Branding, Illustration, Art Direction

The philosophy of The Good Brothers is simple — you come for the pizza, stay for a negroni and come back for a taste that reminds you of your mother’s cooking. The beloved casual pizzeria of Greenwich Village has been serving authentic wood-fired Italian pizzas since 1982.

Now at the hand of its third generation, the restaurant slash bar is run by three brothers who would like to rebrand the pizzeria as what they’ve best known for: a classic list of authentic pizza and calzones, inspired by their experience growing up as Italian-American who live in New York.

The brand is a celebration of childhood memories — therefore we introduced an art direction that showcases its childlike and nostalgic nature. The identity consists of a typeface that resembles classic pizzeria signage, with an additional twist of looseness by pairing it with a hand-drawn typography.

The illustrations on the pizza boxes are inspired by the brothers themselves, while the delivery stickers are inspired by the irregularity of children’s drawing, creating a playful look that captures the brand’s personal and wholesome sensibility.

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