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Have you heard about the studies that state working from home offers a major productivity boost, equivalent to one whole extra workday each week?

You get it—working remotely means you aren’t subjected to the typical in-office distractions. You don’t have to overhear your deskmate’s phone conversations, and you aren’t dealing with people randomly popping by your workspace when you’re zoned in on a project.

Indeed, increased focus is supposed to be one of the major perks of the work-from-home lifestyle. According to a report from Owl Labs, it’s the reason that 79% of survey respondents cited when explaining their desire to work remotely.

But you have a confession to make: None of this has been your experience so far. You’re pretty new to this whole working from home thing, and so far you’ve found the opposite to be true. It’s been a major struggle to stay focused.

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Art Director: Emma Murray