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When this year started showing its true colours – when we started to realise just how much trouble we might be in thanks to the coronavirus exposing the fault lines in our social order –  there was a lot of conversation about the hidden opportunity in the midst of an overwhelming crisis. Read ‘Our world is built for profit. Let’s build one that protects us instead’

“The Earth is healing,” we half-joked in social media posts from the dubious comfort of our beds. Our planet continued to turn on its axis uninterrupted, of course, but for all intents and purposes, the world had mostly stopped. Unexpectedly, billions of us had a chance to step off the hamster wheel and really look at the realities we were working so hard to sustain. And for a brief moment in the history of global capitalism, it felt like we could be on the cusp of a new way of life.

I, personally, have been desperate for a new way of life for the human collective for several years before this one. Realities are multiple, as I try to remind my readers often, but they aren’t all equal. And the overarching reality of my life is that it exists in a hierarchical system where I’m almost always much closer to the bottom than anywhere else.

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Art Director: Yara van der Velden