To Her Credit: Historic Achievements―and the Women Who Actually Made Them Happen

Written by Kaitlin Culmo and Emily McDermott
Illustrated by Kezia Gabriella
Published by Union Square and Co © 2023

There’s history as it’s told, and then there’s history as it actually happened. You may think you know the stories behind the world’s most well-known, groundbreaking achievements, but To Her Credit is here to make you reevaluate our collective story as it has been written. This book celebrates the stories of women, from ancient times until the 1990s, whose contributions have been overwritten and, far too often, accredited to men.

The pattern of female achievements being stolen, overwritten, or straight-up ignored is as old as time. Authors Kaitlin Culmo and Emily McDermott—with stunning art by Kezia Gabriella—reclaim the work of these deserving heroines and offer reminders of what we lose when we don’t question history as it has been written.

This book tells the stories of women who have been left out of history’s accolades. It’s time to talk about the thousands of years’ worth of art, inventions, innovations, and world-changing achievements made by women that have been ascribed to men.

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