Editorial Illustration
A commissioned piece by Turquoise Consulting on their human skills training case study.

When a global technology enterprise was hit by a security breach in mid-2019, the firm decided to implement a strategic initiative to reinforce its systems internally and bring their learnings to clients. The company created a cross-disciplinary team tasked with identifying and solving the core security problem. Leaders discovered that eight different security controls needed to be integrated into products to fortify them against hacks. But project managers (PMs) who were responsible for building security into products didn’t fully understand all of the controls, and as a consequence, failed to prioritize them in product development roadmaps. The firm engaged Turquoise to help PMs understand all aspects of the security controls and develop a user-centric method and process to help propagate a “security mindset” among the PMs, encourage compliance and reduce risk. As a result of the engagement, the organization experienced significant growth in full integration of security controls in its products.

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